Change-Making as a Lifestyle / by Lucas Turner

Goals…For many, setting goals means the start of new resolutions, new diets and hopes of having an “out with the old, in with the new” mentality. Typically, people set goals that only improve themselves. Let’s make our next goal a little different. Let's try something new and incorporate “giving back” into our everyday lives. Being charitable is a win-win situation because the lives of people in need are significantly improved and you feel better about yourself because of your generous efforts.

Being charitable doesn’t necessarily always constitute donating money or giving hand outs. There are multiple avenues you can use to approach donating your time, love or compassion. Advocating for a cause, hosting a benefit, serving after a natural disaster or just being a listening ear for others are all options for living a life for and with others. For the person who cannot spare extra time out of their busy schedule, things like buying food from local farmers, shopping at socially driven companies or donating that jar of coins that have been accumulating in your kitchen for years to a non-profit are all admirable acts that one can be proud of.

For the tech savvy type of person, giving back has become extremely more convenient in the past decade. Micro-lending websites give contributors the option to donate a loan to entrepreneurs in developing countries. This loan can provide essential tools to run a small business such as a goat, a stove, school supplies, etc. Other online options include charitable online auctions like the socially driven startup I worked for this winter, Charity Tick. On Charity Tick, your bids on items directly support a non-profit and you can win great items like iPads, cameras and bikes for extremely low prices. The whole process is a win-win for the consumer and the charity.

No matter how you do it, giving back is necessary and very rewarding. It is never too late to add a new goal into your life. Take some time to figure out a charitable cause you are passionate about and try to incorporate helping or advocating for it into your everyday life. It will be one of the most beneficial decisions you will ever make. Winston S. Churchill said, ” We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Strive to make the best life possible.

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