Omaha Fit Rate Inspiration / by Lucas Turner

Omaha, Nebraska…The home of Omaha Steaks, Warren Buffet, Cornhuskers and the College World Series. That’s all there is in this Midwestern mecca, right? Wrong. Omaha is also home to a growing and vibrant fitness community that has the potential to be one of the best in the country. Men’s Fitness Magazine ranked Omaha as it’s “15th fittest city” in 2012 and our yoga community has paved the way with it’s Yoga Rocks the ParkNot to mention, Omaha has gained national recognition for the Omaha Marathon and Half Marathon, many adventure races have made Omaha a must on their schedule and Omaha has been named one of the top cities for best overall quality of life.

Being home to many health clubs and gyms for decades, Omaha has seen an increase in boutique studios and group fitness options. Community members are now enjoying the fresh comradery from the intimate settings of yoga, spin, boxing, Pilates and cross fit studios. Personable and motivating instructors are leading athletes through hour classes, offering very cost and time effective workouts and providing results quickly. Group fitness classes offer an aspect of fun and team for people who are intimidated by the gym or who prefer instruction. The standard is changing. These classes are encouraging health and fitness based off of how people feel, instead of worrying more about what you look like.

Omaha has an opportunity. Omaha Fit Rate is going to serve as an inspirational, informative and exciting place for all things fitness and positivity. Omaha is not only getting more fit and healthy, it is setting itself apart from other cities and will become the optimal place for exercise!