Movers and Shakers Spotlight: Sarah and Megan / by Lucas Turner

Two weeks ago, my little knowledge of boutique fashion was entirely stereotypical...

Pretty pink dresses. Big pink bows. Extremely expensive jewelry. Unnecessary pink accessories.

I meet Sarah Lorsung Tvrdik and Megan Hunt, co-founders of Hello Holiday, and my new fashion perspective instantly includes...

Extensive branding and research. Photos and packaging. Website maintenance. Still pretty pink dressesLate working nights. A whole lot more.

I quickly realized that I was going to learn quite a bit from these women entrepreneurs in our two hours spent sharing ideas. Sarah, a fashionista and creative at heart, and Megan, a born entrepreneur, are the perfect example of complimentary business partners. With their similar professional backgrounds, they pull small business, fashion writing, modeling, crafting and design expertises altogether under one roof. If there was a textbook example of perfect balance in co-founders, I think I found it between Sarah and Megan.

Their e-commerce site, Hello Holiday, thrives off of the mission "celebrating your arrival" and hopes that with every purchase, customers feel a sense of holiday or happiness. The co-founders fully believe in celebrating you and have built the company around encouraging their customers to reward themselves for those special moments, holidays, in life. "We want every customer to feel like they are a part of everything we do. We share their Instagram photos, celebrate milestones with them and make them feel important," Megan explained. Sarah and Megan have built a phenomenal brand and know exactly who they are in terms of fashion and business. They have customers all over the country and internationally sporting their unique designers. Through their blog, excellent videos and social media reach, it is near impossible to not get a grasp on what they are all about. 

Things I appreciate about these two...

  • I appreciate their tenacity to highlight and feature local clothing designers in Omaha, Nebraska.
  • I appreciate their honesty about their strengths and weaknesses.
  • I appreciate their unique style.
  • I appreciate their willingness to share the Hello Holiday story with young entrepreneurs.

Expect big things from Sarah and Megan. Big things.

"Do more. Be more." 

- Megan Hunt, Co-Founder Hello Holiday

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