Peru in Photos / by Lucas Turner

I spent 6 months volunteering with Krochet Kids International and traveling in Peru.

Here are some of my favorite shots and memories...

Lake Titicaca || Puno, Peru

My sister Emily came to visit. 

Pacifico, Lima, Peru || Home to many KKp beneficiaries.

My new friend and self-acclaimed tour guide, George || Belen, Peru

Krochet Kids atop Machu Picchu Mountain. #hatsonthings

The #sewperu crew.

KKp 1st annual volleyball tournament.

Iquitos, Peru

So grateful for this little street. || Nicolaza, Lima, Peru

Dunebuggying and sandboarding || Huacachina, Peru

Our typical Machu Picchu jumping tourist picture.

Celebrating with my great friends Lucy and Jacque.

Dancing with the Bora Indians in the Amazon. || Iquitos, Peru

Bus riding with Angalo, Emmerson, Estrella and Marisol.

Arequipa, Peru

Nike We Run Lima 10K with my dad.

Champions of 1st annual KKp Volleyball Tournament.

Colca Canyon, Peru

Belen, Peru

Dana and Annie enjoying the ride home in Hank, the VW Van.

Sunrise || Huaraz, Peru

Sunrise || Chivay, Peru

Sunrise || Amazon River

Last day with my buddies.

Carmen's son, Marco, performing folkloric dancing at school.

Celebrating my 23rd birthday.

Tyler being Tyler.

Made it to the top of Huayna Picchu.

Leonor and Ericka were two of my best friends at KKp.

A typical housing situation.

Letting go || Huacachina, Peru

This little nugget, Estrella, brought me so much joy.

Emily is the best travel companion.

Pauly Paul

One of the main modes of transportation, combis.

Carmen is a knitting expert.

I hate snakes...when in Rome? || Iquitos, Peru

Dana, the quirkiest of roommates.

My nightly run view. || Lima, Peru

My Peruvian mom and best friend, Chabella.

A day on the Amazon River. 

I love this community.

Lake Charup and KKp + Vans || Huaraz, Peru

Buy a hat, change a life.

Learning how to knit with Chabella.

Lunch time chats.

A great friend and mentor, Blake Goodfellow.

View from Iquitos to Belen.

A sibling bond unlike any I have ever seen.

Visiting with George's family.

Iquitos, Peru

Some of the best people I know.