Just GO / by Lucas Turner

My favorite word is GO (hence my hashtag #lucasonthego) because it exemplifies so much for me. Obviously traveling is one of my biggest passions, but GO does not solely relate to traveling for me. It is a constant reminder to avoid complacency, the status quo & boredom. It is that extra push at 6:30 am to get out of bed & GO running, it is that word in my mind when deciding whether to spend money on amazing experiences with amazing people & it is the verb that keeps me energized & curious. Whenever I'm scared of risk or failure, I know that if I just GO, I won't regret the journey of growth from facing those fears. My ability to GO caused me to be incredibly heartbroken at one point, but was the ignition that sparked the best self discovery, self love & self truth journey I could have ever imagined. It has scored me several amazing life experiences, adventures & really freaking cool jobs that would have never waited around had I not jumped at the opportunity. My ability to GO keeps it interesting, keeps it fresh & keeps it real. 

I'm on the GO always whether I'm in one spot or all over the world. It's a way of life for me. 

GO is the start of progress, growth, change & movement. The opposite is to stay, sit, wait, etc. & I have no plans to ever let those words define me. We have one GO around at this thing called life and my #1 focus is making it count 👊